Forest Clearing Needn't Be an Invasive Process

Forest Clearing Needn't Be an Invasive Process

Mastication promotes healthy forests in Billings, MT

Mastication, or mulching, is an effective way to manage a forest. By clearing out excess vegetation, Forest and Range Solutions LLC can improve the health of the trees and minimize the impact on your land in Billings, MT.

Mulching can also help reduce erosion by increasing soil carbon composition. Call 406-694-4955 now to learn more about the benefits of tree and brush clearing.

Returning overgrown forests to their natural state

Minimally invasive forest clearing is ideal for overcrowded forests, which are at an increased risk of wildfires. Clearing overgrown trees and brush will...

  • Remove fuel sources from trees
  • Allow sunlight to reach the forest floor
  • Improve drainage, soil stabilization and tree health

If your forest is full of valuable timber, we can harvest it to help offset the costs of tree and brush clearing. Contact us today to find out if forest thinning is best for your land in the Billings, MT area.